Doe Run Farms is an active part of the community and a great place to visit in the county

The year 2021 marked a special anniversary for one of Patrick County’s favorite attractions. Buddy and Jeanie Puckett have been creating beautiful mazes at their farm for 15 years! Each fall they welcome visitors to come to explore a new, beautifully designed maze along with hayrides, apple launching, and other goodies.  


Since 2006, Doe Run Farms has been a go-to destination for families looking to enjoy a beautiful fall day. Whether the maze is planted with towering corn stocks or beautiful sunflowers, there is always a good time to be had on the farm. Each year brings something new as the maze is redesigned from year to year. The maze’s themes have ranged from county fairs to Spongebob and Patrick. Part of the fun of each year is learning what the theme will be. There are photo books showing each year’s theme and each is filled with photos of past visitors.

Pumpkins on the Farm

If the 6 acre maze didn’t tire everyone out enough, then there’s a large jump pad, slides, and swing sets for everyone to play on. Pumpkin bowling and apple launching are perfect for anyone who wants to test their skills. If you’re looking for something more relaxing than hop on the hay ride and enjoy a quick trip around the beautiful farm. Doe Run Farms is located just below Groundhog Mountain and visitors are surrounded by a beautiful view of the rounded peaks. The mountains give a beautiful backdrop to photographs making the farm a wonderful place to take photos. 

Doe Run Farms also supplies the area with all the pumpkins, cornstalks, and decorative hay bales you could ever need. This year there were two pick your own flower fields to choose from. While the sunflowers in the maze are off limits for picking, there is a separate field where you are able to pick the beautiful yellow blooms. There is also a field of Zinnia in a variety of beautiful colors that are available to pick. Homemade fruit jams, popcorn, candy, and drinks are available to purchase as well if you need a snack after finishing all the day’s activities.

A Field of Sunflowers

Doe Run Farms is an active part of the community and a great place to visit in the county. In the spring the farm is a great place to stop to pick your own strawberries in the spring. Each year there are rows of beautiful, sweet strawberries available to pick by the bucket or you can purchase a pre-picked box. Buddy and Jeanie are an amazing asset to Patrick County and we are thankful for everything they do.

Children on the Jump Pad